Can I earn for free?
Yes of course. You can earn cash, credits, prizes for free.

How do I use this?
After you login, add in your textads. Earn credits through sufing ads, showing your referral page, win them, putting the adbar on your site/blog and etc. Then assign those credits to your own textads. They will show on all my websites and on member's own websites.

Where is the member menu?
Scroll down, it is in the middle of the page after you login

How do I contact support?
It is at my main website, Webstars2K. Located here

What methods do you pay with?
There are several available methods

My credits are not adding up as I surf or show my referral page or the adbar, why?
Is your account set to YES on Auto Assign? it is assigning them to your textads. Make sure you have at least 1 textad in or turn it to OFF on the link: Add Textads/Stats

What kind of sites can I list?
You can list any site, even if it is not english. The only banned sites are; hate or porn

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